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What We Do

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Cultural Programs

Ethiopian Day Celebration. Sports. After school and summer youth programs.

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Community Outreach

Health education. Advocacy. Civic engagement.

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Employment Networking

Resource center. English as a second language (ESL).

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What We Do

Our Approach

Establish a multi-use community center that can be used to provide services, such as education, training, entertainment to community members and their family

Support and promote the activities provided by other independent Ethiopian community-based associations (like Women’s Association, Young Professionals group, Taxi Association, Liberty Soccer Team, Hibret and Philly Edir Association)

Educate and increase community awareness in all matters that affect the community

Connect our community with resources that support economic development and empowerment

Facilitate a platform that advances healthcare, education, immigration, and advocacy

Promote cultural preservation and unity – institute annual Ethiopian Day and New Year an opportunity for Ethiopians to share their experiences and affirm cultural identity

Provide counseling and support to community members in a time of difficulty, crisis, or death

Assist in emergency response situations to address the urgent needs and safety of community members

Engage with other community-based organizations to establish and strengthen our partnership

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What We Do

Programs and Services



Employment networking

Immigration and legal affairs referrals



History & Culture

Resources Center




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